I don’t know about you, but I am generally surrounded by a good number of people who are mad at their bodies. “Darn it, not another cold, not another ache or pain, this is just a nuisance,” they seem to say. It is as if they believe their body is failing them, letting them down, a mere pain in the butt. I have a very different take on the matter!

I had a revelation today as I soaked in a hot, essential oil bath in effort to clear the remaining congestion from my lungs. My body never lies to me. It is always there for me. Actually, in my experience, my body is my clearest connection to my higher self or soul. If I am not listening to my deep inner guidance or yearnings, it aches or becomes ill. It simply won’t allow me to remain in a state of ignoring my soul and it’s guidance for very long. Or, if I continue day after day to lead a life with too much stress, it lets me know quite clearly.

My nursing job has been stressful for me and my body is letting me know. This cold has been a doosey! I have welcomed the down time with fresh soups, fluids, rest, hot teas and hot baths. I needed the true down time to reassess.  I have decided to cut back on my nursing hours in order to redirect my healthcare career toward prevention and wellness, my soul’s true longing.

If I am paying too little attention to the true callings of my soul, my body may even become depressed. Instead of feeling angry or disappointed with my body, I am spiritually refreshed by its bold expression of truth, redirected, renewed, and awakened by the stories it is telling me. Thank you my body, my true best friend.

My body is also my passage to pleasure and joy in this life…feeling the breeze and sunlight warmth on my skin, taking in deep breaths while walking through gorgeous trees, sharing laughter with friends, and engaging in intimate, heartfelt conversation with kindred souls…my body, I love and appreciate you!


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One thought on “Your Body: Friend or Foe?

  • November 14, 2011 at 11:28 pm

    Love it! Very reflective and thought provoking! Now on to the challenge of instilling that drive into others! Good luck.


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